Restoration Reality Check


One of the questions we get asked frequently is: Why do I need to replace my restoration (filling or crown)? I thought it would last forever?  As much as we would love to be able to promise that to you, we can’t. Even with the highest quality materials and techniques, which of course Dr Mundy […]

5 Good Reasons For Sharing Your Opinion

Dentists in Fishers online reviews

  Opinions, we all have them. After visiting our office and being treated by our team, we are sure you have an opinion about the kind of service and treatment you received from us and we would like you to share yours. To give you some helpful incentive to speak up, here are five good reasons […]

Smile for a Spring Selfie!


Tips for taking a perfect selfie smile picture Have you ever wondered how some people can just look so amazing and natural in their pictures? I know I have! Looking back through my pictures taken in the last several years, I see the awkward smile, the crazed eyes, the unattractive shadows, and, yes, the double […]

New to Fishers IN? Check Out Our Local Faves!


Did you recently move to Fishers IN? Let us be the first to say, “Welcome!” We know it can be overwhelming when you move to a new city: choosing a new dentist, finding your go-to grocery store, even deciding which dry cleaners to use – the decisions might seem endless! As long-time residents of Fishers […]

Do Stress and Anxiety Affect Your Dental Care


  Breathe in. Breath out. With all of the hustle and bustle of everyday life, sometimes we forget to take a minute and relax. It’s no wonder that we are all so stressed. But what you may not have known is that stress can lead to dental problems that can affect your dental care! Clenching […]

Saving Space for Permanent Teeth with a Space Maintainer


Dr. Mundy, your local Fishers dentist, hears patients ask about their child’s lost teeth and what they should do about the space. If your little one’s teeth have begun to fall out, and their permanent replacements appear to be lagging far behind, you may wish to consider a space maintainer to minimize future orthodontic work. Believe […]

7 Dental Health Tips For Travel From Your Fishers Dentist


It can be easy to neglect your oral hygiene habits when traveling; after all, you’re away from home and out of your normal routine. With a little advance planning and these helpful tips from your Fishers Dentist, Dr. Mundy, you can avoid taking a vacation from your dental health during your spring and summer travels! […]

Dr. Mundy’s Favorite Foods for Healthy Teeth

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You probably realize the foods you choose have an impact on your waistline, heart health, and overall well-being, but did you know your diet can also affect your oral health? In honor of National Nutrition Month your dentist in Fishers, Dr. Mundy and the entire Fishers dental team here at Grin Dentistry would like to share a few […]

Our FREE Gift to You!


We think our patients are the greatest! We love seeing your beautiful smiles every day and sharing a laugh while catching up on the latest news. Because we appreciate your continued loyalty to our Fishers dentist office and team, we love it when we have the opportunity to reward that loyalty. We’ve Got What You […]