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Minimally-invasive techniques, maximum results

Leading the way in cosmetic dentistry in Fishers, IN.

Laser Dentistry Macine

Laser Dentistry

Many procedures can be done in less time and with better results. Laser technology combined with tooth-colored fillings is more precise, less invasive, and cosmetically superior to treatment with traditional drills and silver mercury fillings.

Team member performing air abrasion on a patient

Air Abrasion

This “microscopic sandblaster” permits removal of dental decay without any injection or use of anesthetic in most cases. As a patient, you only feel a gentle spray of an air and powder and none of the vibration or heat caused by traditional dental drills.

Team member using diagnodent on a patient


This new high-tech laser system can detect tooth decay in its earliest stages. Treating cavities found by this laser fixes problems when they are small and easily repaired.

Patient receiving nitrous oxide through nose

Conscious Sedation

Although not new, N2O2 or “laughing gas” is available to our patients at no additional charge. Essentially, it is our insurance policy for your comfort. Since it is complimentary, for many it is a no-brainer.

Close up of medical professional holding Velscope


Early diagnosis is so important for all forms of cancer. VELscope is an important new technology that helps in identifying oral cancer at its earliest stages. Your complete oral health is so important to us that we provide this service (a $70 value) free of charge.

Team member using digital radiography on computer

Digital Radiography

Advanced technology permits us to take x-rays that display on a monitor. Not only can you see your x-rays clearer, but you will be exposed to up to 90% less radiation than traditional x-rays.

Team member explaining the Wand to a patient

The Wand

This is the cutting-edge of dental anesthesia. Patients love this technology, a computer-controlled anesthesia delivery system that provides immediate, pain-free dental anesthesia for all injection types.

Team member smiling with patient using intraoral camera

Intraoral Camera

Have you ever wondered what the dentist really sees while looking in your mouth? We use an ultra-small digital camera which is connected to a monitor to show you the condition of your teeth. You can now see what we see!


‘‘I could not imagine a more service-oriented dental office. Grin lives up to all the promises. When we visit Grin, we feel like the focus is really on us, and that all of the staff will do whatever it takes to take care of our dental needs. I wouldn’t go anywhere else!"

Katie S. - Actual Grin Patient

Sit back and relax!

We've got things covered.

Our reclining dental chairs are so cushy that many patients actually take naps. Take them out for a spin on your next visit!
Personal iPods and noise-canceling headphones help block out the world for our patients who are sound-sensitive.
Cuddle up with our luxurious blankets. They will keep you cozy and warm during your treatment.
Televisions in every treatment room can either “take you away” or “keep you in tune” with the real world, and YOU get the remote.
Special promotions, contests, and Facebook check-in bonuses keep our patients engaged and up to date.
To ensure you receive the most comfortable care possible during your visit, we even offer hot towels and lip balm at the conclusion of the visit.
With complimentary internet access you’ll never miss an email, tweet, or Facebook post.
Dental lights can be extremely bright. While we need them to see clearly, you don't. We provide dark glasses to protect you from the glare.

We can't wait to make you Grin!

At Grin, we are passionate about our patients. We are uncompromising in our technology, comforts, and quality of service. Put together, these make our patients grin, and they are what make us top cosmetic dentistry providers in Fishers, IN.

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