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Dr. Mundy & her team are the best! She makes sure your pain free, & happy when you leave!!!!!😊
Clarissa McNeal
Clarissa McNeal
21:28 19 Aug 20
Very clean office with ALL the bells and whistles. Friendly staff with a fantastic Dr. I wouldn't dream of taking my family to another office, you're in good hands with Grin!read more
meg W
meg W
00:22 07 Aug 20
Our family has been going to Dr. Mundy’s office for close to 15 years. Melinda and her staff are dental royalty in my opinion. She has a knack for assembling a great staff and her practice is top notch. She always has a smile face and her voice is very welcoming. THIS WOMAN KNOWS WHAT SHE’S DOING! I was just telling one of her assistants on my last trip that I always look forward to my appointments because they really are like family. The only downside is now that we are required to wear masks I don’t get to see their faces. Thank you Dr. Mundy and all your staff for being awesome and helping keep our oral health in check.read more
Shawn Fears
Shawn Fears
22:26 06 Aug 20
The staff at this practice is always on! They are prompt, professional, and always friendly. Dr. Mundy has an amazing approach with her patients. I have anxiety due to an experience with a different practice that was less than ideal but Dr. Mundy always puts me at ease. The increased precautions taken now due to Covid were explained to me PRIOR to the hygienist beginning her work. I really appreciated that. I would highly recommend this practice!read more
Tiffaney Foster
Tiffaney Foster
22:20 06 Aug 20
My kids love coming here they are so nice to my kids and me
Diane Crawford
Diane Crawford
19:42 15 Jun 20
I LOVE Grin dentistry! The hygienist I had made sure I wasn't in pain while cleaning and did an excellent job explaining every part of my care. She made me feel so comfortable! Dr. Mundy was excellent as always, making sure she explained what concerns they had and how they measured those things. Overall I absolutely love this dentist's office!read more
Madison Perregrino
Madison Perregrino
22:31 06 Feb 20
I have been a patient since 2007. The team always takes good care of me. Everybody is friendly and knowledgeable. I feel comfortable and stress free during each visit. They are efficient and use the latest tools. They give me bill estimates for my next visit so I know what to expect (since I don't have insurance). I would definitely recommend them to anybody who is looking for a gentle dentist that is compassionate and knows what they are doing.read more
Lucie Parker
Lucie Parker
13:25 30 Jan 20
I never thought I would find a dentist office like the one in my hometown . Everyone is great, you are treated like you are family. Jan 2020 back for a cleaning great care as always.read more
Michael Montgomery
Michael Montgomery
23:21 23 Jan 20
Once again I have always had a great experience at Grin Dentistry. The staff is very informative and prepared me for their actions. I really appreciate the dental assistant Ashley and Dr. Mundy both. They made the procedure so smooth and kept me comfortable during the process. I had some decay behind one of my old crowns. They caught it at the right time otherwise it could have required more extensive work.read more
Clay Biggerstaff
Clay Biggerstaff
23:59 15 Jan 20
I’m one of many people who get anxious about going to the dentist. The team at Grin has been super accommodating to me and understanding. They go the extra mile to make sure you’re comfortable during any procedure or cleaning. I truly recommend their services to anyone.read more
Jessica Freudenthaler
Jessica Freudenthaler
22:28 02 Jan 20
Wonderful Experience! The staff was extremely friendly and very professional. I would definitely recommend this place to family and friends that are looking for great Dental Care!!!!read more
Michele Walker
Michele Walker
22:52 13 Nov 19
Even though I am always apprehensive with going to the dentist I can always count on your team. You take such good care of me and make me feel at ease. Thank you!read more
Ed Spiece
Ed Spiece
20:04 11 Nov 19
They are wonderful! Calming, state of the art equipment and very knowledgeable. Change you dentist today and give them a call!
Cathy Smith
Cathy Smith
13:33 08 Nov 19
Everyone there is friendly and personable. The work is excellent. They run a tight ship so they are respectful of your time and expect you to be respectful of there’s. You won’t find a better group. I’ve been going for over 10 years and won’t go anywhere else as long as their doors are open.read more
Tee Johnson
Tee Johnson
22:07 31 Oct 19
The whole staff is great. Everyone is super friendly and made every effort to make sure I was comfortable the entire time. I will be making Grin our family dentist from now on!read more
Jenny Wuethrich
Jenny Wuethrich
21:24 29 Oct 19
I have always had a great experience at Grin Dentistry. The staff is very friendly and great suggestions to help me stay ahead of my dental hygiene. My hygienist Ashley was incredible.read more
Clay Biggerstaff
Clay Biggerstaff
21:29 03 Oct 19
Ashley is the best, as are all the girls in the office. They are always polite and professional. It is the best experience you can have at the dentist. Dr Mundy is also great to work with.read more
Travis Tilson
Travis Tilson
02:07 03 Oct 19
I have had some pretty bad experiences with previous dentists. I am one of those people who will put off going to the dentist at all costs. When I went to Grin Dentistry for the first time a few years ago, they were exceptionally nice, professional, and always made sure that I was okay through every step of any procedure. Dr. Mundy is terrific and, not only treats the issue, but the patient as well. I will never change dentists at this point. Way to go Grin Dentistry.read more
Kirk Shaffer
Kirk Shaffer
21:08 25 Sep 19
I love Grin Dentistry! I have loved their service and expertise since the first time I went there over 3 years ago. I almost ENJOY going to the dentist now that I've found them, because they pamper me the whole time I'm there, and they go the extra mile with things like cleaning my night gard for me just as a part of all the extra things they do for free.read more
Jamie Scism-Bacon
Jamie Scism-Bacon
16:39 18 Sep 19
If you don’t believe going to the dentist can be luxurious, painless, and affordable, you haven’t gone to GRIN Dentistry yet! Every part of the experience at GRIN is focused on taking excellent care of you, and it shows - from the cozy blankets to the complimentary nitrous to the gentle approach. I have been seeing Dr. Mundy for several years, and I finally found my forever dentist. After 25 years of bad dental experiences, I no longer dread or avoid dental appointments. I recommend GRIN to all my friends and family!read more
Christie Hough
Christie Hough
23:49 11 Sep 19
I never thought I would find a dentist office like the one in my hometown . Everyone is great, you are treated like you are family.
Michael Montgomery
Michael Montgomery
13:12 20 Aug 19
Love these women!!! I have bed. Going there for years and have had extensive work done! Recently had two veneers and they are beautiful...best work I’ve seen. Professional, patient oriented and kind. Highly recommend!read more
Debra Crawford
Debra Crawford
12:49 30 Jul 19
The staff at Grin was very accommodating to our needs. They were thorough and explained things in terms we could understand. It is great to be at a dentist office where your anxiety is low. The interior design is also nice and relaxing.read more
Nicole Williams
Nicole Williams
03:01 29 Jul 19
Dr Mundy and her team are simply the BEST!!! And she is always up on the latest technology as well. Highly recommend.
Katharine Anderson
Katharine Anderson
23:28 23 Jul 19
Grin always makes you feel like you are in great hands!
Russell Badgett
Russell Badgett
00:06 20 Jul 19
I've been going here for years. They are the friendliest, best organized and most technically advanced. They are focused on making sure that my teeth and gums will be healthy and shiny for my entire life. If you want a partner to guide you through short and long term dental health decisions, you must go to Grin.read more
Scott Montgomery
Scott Montgomery
15:11 20 Jun 19
Love these women!!! I have bed. Going there for years and have had extensive work done! Recently had two veneers and they are beautiful...best work I’ve seen. Professional, patient oriented and kind. Highly recommend!read more
Debra Crawford
Debra Crawford
20:46 10 Jun 19
They have warm blankets, guys. They are so darn sweet and helpful! Please give them a try, especially if you are in pain. My crown experience was great! I had quite a few cavities, and I haven’t had any issues with any of them at all.read more
Candice Stillson
Candice Stillson
00:07 03 May 19
Grin Dentistry is excellent! After having a bad experience at another dentist, I found Grin and couldn’t be happier. They are all very kind and understanding. They actually make going to the dentist pleasant!read more
brittany michaud
brittany michaud
10:11 27 Apr 19
Best dentistry group I've ever used. Advanced test equipment and great staff.
derek roahrig
derek roahrig
13:01 18 Apr 19
Friendly and professional. They listen to your concerns and are very gentle with their procedures.Would highly recommend.
Jody Lewandowski
Jody Lewandowski
14:16 12 Apr 19
Best dentist...very caring...works with you to do what neefs done first. .no pressure..all staff have been awesome..I can see why she has been voted BEST DENTIST IN INDY.. she has my and my husbands vote too. !!!!!!!read more
Tracie Thorne Woolsey
Tracie Thorne Woolsey
00:30 12 Apr 19
I really dont like going to the dentist. At all! Understatement. But this group made me comfortable and I appreciate it. So I've finally found a group that I like. Very professional and fun to be around. Thank you ladies.read more
Allan Blosser
Allan Blosser
18:27 11 Apr 19
I had a crown put in. I have feelings of anxiety going to the dentist in the past. Everyone at Grin Dentistry did everything they could to minimize my anxiety and pain. Will need other crowns put in and because of the way I was treated at their office I don't anticipate any problems so my anxiety levels won't be a problem. I would recommend Grin Dentistry to everyone especially if you fear going to the dentist like I do.read more
Larry Mountain
Larry Mountain
01:16 11 Apr 19
My experience at Grin Dentistry has consistently been outstanding! The front desk staff are welcoming and kind, always remembering me and my family. Over the past year, I’ve had a few crowns replaced and it’s been a smooth, painless process. Dr. Mundy-Burgett is so thoughtful and shares her own experience as a patient as it relates to what procedure is being done. She and her staff go the extra mile to ensure each visit is a positive one. As someone who has always been highly anxious about dental visits, this means a lot! You won’t regret choosing Grin Dentistry for the dental needs of you and your family.read more
Erin F
Erin F
01:03 10 Apr 19
Grin Dentistry is the best! Staff are warm, friendly, professional and caring. They All go the extra mile to make sure you have a pleasant experience.read more
Brenda Owens
Brenda Owens
23:39 08 Apr 19
Friendly and knowledgeable staff, comfortable atmosphere, Love Grin Dentistry!
Jason Amos
Jason Amos
23:44 28 Mar 19
The staff is friendly, efficient & professional - the trifecta of excellent service!
beatrice cork
beatrice cork
01:29 28 Mar 19
I love Angie and Dr.Mundy and all of the front desk staff! When you walk in they know you by name! This is the best dentist in the country! Give em a try you won’t regret it and your teeth will shine like new money!read more
Allyce Tress
Allyce Tress
14:52 11 Feb 19
Always love getting my teeth cleaned by this great team!
Sydney Henderson
Sydney Henderson
22:06 18 Dec 18
We really appreciate the outstanding patient care at Grin. I have very sensitive teeth and they always go above and beyond to ensure my comfort. I also appreciate that they explain things thoroughly and have the latest technology to make my experience great!read more
Theresa Wilhite
Theresa Wilhite
18:35 11 Dec 18
I highly recommend Grin Dentistry to anyone looking for a new dentist. They are incredibly attentive to patient needs,and always putting the patients comfort as a high priority.read more
Kristyn Smith
Kristyn Smith
18:21 10 Dec 18
Wow- no one “likes” going to the dentist but GRIN is the best. I love they use the latest technology and how attentive everyone in the office is. I see the kindness and empathy they all show everyone. It’s great to know Dr. Mundy stays current on what is new. I feel they continually give me great service and help me stay healthy. If you need a dentist I highly recommend GRIN. There are options for fraidy cats like me! Stay healthy - see GRIN!read more
Cindy Hawkins
Cindy Hawkins
18:19 20 Jun 18
Let’s be real. The dentist is not normally a “look forward to” item on the calendar. For me, just the opposite. I used to have enormous anxiety about being ‘in the chair’ underneath the light. But the entire team at GRIN is so focused on patient care and excellence in customer experience that my fear has melted away with their kindness and attentiveness to my comfort. Further, they clearly explain each procedure and the bottom line cost before starting treatment so there are no surprises. I cannot say enough positive things about GRIN. They are great people!read more
Timothy Hibschman
Timothy Hibschman
19:35 15 May 18
Genuinely the nicest staff! I am no longer afraid of going to the dentist. Everyone there is always very kind and patient with me. Couldn’t imagine going anywhere else.read more
Earon Jamison
Earon Jamison
16:06 03 May 18
Best Dentist ever! The whole staff is wonderful and friendly and goes though great lengths to make sure you are comfortable and not in pain. I have never experienced such caring and personalized treatment. I am sure if everyone went here dental anxiety would be non-existent. Thank you Grin! Especially Genevieve and Dr. Mundy. You guys rock!read more
Bridget Krieger
Bridget Krieger
12:30 03 Apr 18
I highly suggest choosing Grin Dentistry as your dentist. Dr. Mundy and all her staff, including the front staff are very friendly and extremely helpful. You can tell they take customer service very seriously and just want their patients happy and healthy. They use the latest technology and I appreciate their understanding for some patient's nervousness when going to the dentist. They ensure you are comfortable at all times and even offer free laughing gas, along with blankets and a TV in each room. Bonus for going at 3pm and you can watch Ellen! Overall, Grin Dentistry is an A+++ in my book and I wouldn't go anywhere else, considering I drive from the south side for each visit.read more
Miranda Wineland
Miranda Wineland
17:34 21 Mar 18
Very friendly and professional staff. The quality of treatment provided far exceeds the cost. Family friendly atmosphere. My kids love the staff.
Greg G
Greg G
17:03 06 Mar 18
If you’re looking for a tech savvy dentist who is up to date with all the new trends whose staff pampers you and are super friendly, you need to come here! Dr.Mundy has the latest and greatest in gadgets and equipment. I just had two fillings done and I didn’t even need to get numbed! They offer free nitrous for procedures even cleanings if you need it. They always have free giveaways and offer you a beverage on the way out. Top-notch customer service!read more
Jessicah Fruits
Jessicah Fruits
18:34 16 Feb 18
Dr Mundy and her team are friendly and attentive. They always take time to ensure all my questions are answered. It is nice to have a dentist who I can count on.read more
Tara Jarvis
Tara Jarvis
22:24 15 Feb 18
I love love love Dr Mundy and all of her staff. The most knowledgeable dentist I've ever been to in my life. Plus they are really hip. I also enjoy the blankets and TVs on the rooms. I am in good hands and as much as often as I go to the dentist for my teeth issues, I'm grateful it's a place I enjoy!read more
Sivan Maymon
Sivan Maymon
04:15 13 Feb 18
Grin Dentistry is simply the best! Ultra focused on people first; the care, comfort and service is unmatched.Front desk, dental hygienists, and Dr. Mundy are all amazing. They have everything you need from nitrous, TV’s, hot towels, and blankets to ensure you leave GRINning!110% percent committed to healthy oral hygiene and happy patients!Don’t go anywhere else! I drive from an hour away (Kokomo Area) for this terrific experience.read more
Tim Hibschman
Tim Hibschman
20:52 05 Feb 18
It had been a while since I’ve been to a dentist (3-4 Years). I’m a busy mom of a 2 and 4 year old who works full time and until recently, attended school full time as well. I always seemed to have bigger priorities than the dentist. Now that I’ve neglected my teeth for so long, I need quite a bit of work done. Dr. Mundy and her staff have been excellent. They make me feel at ease and not at all guilty about neglecting myself for so long. I was worried about going to a dentist after so long but the staff put those worries to ease. I recommend this office to anyone who is in the market.read more
Patricia Swindell
Patricia Swindell
13:01 22 Jan 18
Have been coming here for 13 years now, since I was 9, they've been there for every cavity and every issue. Great facility with super friendly staff that are always looking out for your best interests and making sure you're comfortable. Not to mention how great Dr. Mundy is.read more
21:10 21 Nov 17
If you have been looking for a dentist that makes you feel more comfortable or listens to your concerns about your overall dental health than look no further. The entire staff at Grin is top notch. No waiting, warm blankets, tv, and up to date dental equipment. These are all just a few of the amazing perks. Dental work is scary and expensive. Every single person that you deal with from the time you walk in to the time you leave are very attentive and personal. Thank you Grin dentistry for making going to the dentist a lot less scary!read more
Robin Quagliesi
Robin Quagliesi
13:55 09 Nov 17
Every effort is made to ensure your time in their office is as pleasant as can be. Everything is communicated up front regarding the cost for your visit which is a very nice way of handling things. Sure beats getting to the counter at the end of your visit and being handed a bill that is 5X what you were expecting for the day. All-in-all, I am very pleased with the service I can't come up with any negatives from the 8 or so visits I have had to this point.read more
Zechariah Smith
Zechariah Smith
15:47 29 Aug 17
After decades of negative dental hygienist experiences, Grin Dentistry has been the saving grace for my dental care. Every single staff member is accommodating, warm hearted, and patient. With the aid of nitrous oxide, it makes the visits go all the more smoothly and it really helps ease your nerves, if you're as anxious (or gag easily) as I am. Their office staff have also gone above and beyond to help work through long winded insurance conflicts, and that alone speaks volumes. If you are in search of a new dentist, or want to upgrade from your existing one, I highly recommend Grin Dentistry.read more
Jorge Barrera
Jorge Barrera
14:27 28 Aug 17
They make going to the dentist a very pleasant experience. They are always friendly and greet you with a smile. I have always been seen at my appointment time - no waiting 15 or 20 minute past my appointment time. They make sure you are comfortable during your appointment. They always let you know ahead of time how much any treatment/service will be so you can make the call to proceed or not. Oh, and I always walk out of there with free stuff! No complaints from me!read more
Andrew Kruse
Andrew Kruse
20:23 21 Aug 17


The attention to detail and perfection. Well prepared for Covid. And Dr. Mundy and staff are always personable and thorough.
Marilyn Funke
Extremely kind and they always make sure your comfortable! Good communication!
Debbie Opal Gordon
Professional, personal, great customer service. They make me feel like I am a part of their family! They listen to your concerns and fears, yet help you achieve your goals. I ALWAYS look forward to seeing them REGARDLESS of what procedure is being done...that in ITSELF says ALOT about the Character of the owner and her staff! I have been their patient since 2009! And look forward to seeing them again!
Brenda Owens
I have been a customer for approx. 15 years and could write a book citing examples of just how great Grin Dentistry and Dr. Mundy are. To Simplify: Grin Dentistry is the only medical provider I have ever encountered that has successfully built a culture of treating every patient as a Customer and they work cohesively to ensure that every interaction is a positive one. They know that none of us like the Dentist office and have taken the extra steps to provide patients with as comfortable of an environment as possible. They also invest in a lot of dental gadgets which make some procedures easier as well as allow you to understand what is being fixed. Furthermore, Dr. Mundy has an exceptional “bed-side” manner, she may be a Doctor but she keeps it real and simply acts like the rest of us. Her approach to Dentistry is also unique in that she fixes the small stuff and doesn’t wait for the big issues to occur (this approach saves you both money and pain). I must add that I’ve had perfect teeth and minor dental bills over the past decade (thanks to Grin Dentistry) but due to a recent accident, I now have significant challenges. Dr. Mundy has simply been my saving grace from fitting me in for randomly needed appointments, to making certain she causes me zero additional pain, as well as working with other specialist to ensure I get the best care all around. My road hasn’t been fun but having such a phenomenal dentist truly gives me comfort.
Michele Durante
Dr. Mundy and her team are amazing. I have been seeing Dr. Mundy for 20 years....since she opened. Through the good (teeth cleaning), the bad (root canal), and the ugly (jaw infection) she and her team have gone above and beyond the call of duty to provide the most compassionate care using the absolute latest technology. They are the BEST!
Roger Kessler
The dentist took more time showing me my x-rays and pictures of each tooth then I’ve ever experienced. It was very interesting and helped me understand my dental health. My hygienist Crystal did an excellent job cleaning my teeth, and they feel squeaky clean. The receptionist was very welcoming, and I had a good overall experience.
Monica Wendling Cooper
Professionals who make you feel comfortable with service and state of art equipment.
Annette Grundy
The staff in this office is so friendly and really put me at ease at every appointment. Dr. Mundy is also very personable and explains all procedures thoroughly.
Audrey Ault- Shaffer
Dr. Mundy and staff are excellent. They pay attention to detail and are all very professional. I highly recommend Grin Dentistry!
Teresa Burke
I was always fearful going to the dentist! I had a terrible experience as a young girl.I did a lot of research to find the best dentist for me. It was Dr. Mundy. She understood my fears and treated me accordingly. She really is the best. I drive quite a distance to see her, but well worth it to me!Alyce Martin
Alyce Linville Martin
Great service - everyone is nice and care for clients every step of the way.
Jan Chronic
Anxious patient here!! Had nitrous and it definitely helped!!
Marcia Ryan
Everyone is so positive and encouraging!
Joanne Wallace
Always the absolute best care and service! I completely trust them to take care of me and my family. THE BEST.
Darcey Palmer-Shultz
I’ve always had good experiences at Grin Dentistry. The staff is very friendly. They are good at suggestions to stay ahead on my dental hygiene.
Clay Biggerstaff
Dr. Mundy and her staff are AMAZING! Minimally invasive and my filling was almost enjoyable. 😁
Kate Suzanna
Lovely staff. Work was done quickly and painlessly without Novocaine injections. Best dentist visit hands down.
Morgan Ferguson
Always a great experience and I’ve been going to them for nearly 15 years! The staff are always friendly, helpful and genuinely care about their patients. I drive all the way from Zionsville to Fishers so you know they must be pretty good!
Lizabeth Greenamoyer
Just got mt first filling at Grin Dentistry!it seriously took less than 10 minutes! very warm experience
Mir Williams
It’s been 5 years since I’ve been to the Dentist. Grin Dentistry accommodated me with “a first priority approach” also remembering me from all those years ago, but I’m sure they treat all of their patients with open arms. I was so nervous since it was such a long duration since my last cleaning but they removed the anxiety as well l as the plaque with ease. Great staff and cozy environment. Thanks Grin!!
Adam Powell
Always a pleasant visit when I go to Grin Dentistry
Jeff Dinkel
The staff is great, the office and the rooms are wonderful. They make having to see the dentist something that you don't dread!
Tonya Whitehead-Tilson
The staff at Grin was very accommodating to our needs. They were thorough and explained things in terms we could understand. It is great to be at a dentist office where your anxiety is low. The interior design is also nice and relaxing.
Nicole Garrison Williams
Grin Dentistry is an awesome place! It’s the attention to detail that make them stand out—from greeting you by name as you walk in the door to offering blankets to keep you cozy during cleanings to offering you drinks on the way out, the staff at Grin do their best to keep you happy and feeling cared for during each visit. On top of that, Dr. Mundy is kind, thorough, informative and an overall great dentist. My family loves this place—thanks for all you do!!
Heather Delay Woods
Thank you for an awesome appointment! Always a great experience even when I need a crown!
April Marlatt Maudlin
Everyone is so friendly and kind. I just love Dr Mundy she’s the best! We drive a long way so we can feel confident about getting the best dental care that we can.
Sue Power
Our family has been going to Grin for probably 20 yrs. I will never go anywhere else! The entire team is professional, courteous and caring- it’s obvious that they have their patients’ best interest in mind. My only concern is - what will we do when Dr Mundy decides to retire???
Kelly Polkabla Rogers
Elton John glasses. HGTV. Free stuff. Fun people. And true pro's.
Bill Edwards
Every staff member I’ve come in contact with is friendly and caring. I don’t fear going to the dentist anymore. They are excellent at what they do.
Elissa Magsamen
Always professional, best of class dental care. Very considerate of the patient's time.
Daryl Harris
I never liked going to Dentist. it was always uncomfortable and a bad experience with the Dentist or the associates, but one day at work a co worker raved about their Dentist. I remember driving home thinking, "who raves about a Dentist?" She told me about Grin Dentistry, I made an appointment. Their care and understanding is unmatched. It truly was the best decision.
Allison Kruer
I had a crown put in. I have feelings of anxiety going to the dentist in the past. Everyone at Grin Dentistry did everything they could to minimize my anxiety and pain. Will need other crowns put in and because of the way I was treated at their office I don't anticipate any problems so my anxiety levels won't be a problem. I would recommend Grin Dentistry to everyone especially if you fear going to the dentist like I do.
Larry D Mountain
Closest place to a spa I’ve ever been!
Aaron Paul
I love this team! They are all so kind and caring. Never had a dentist or hygienists that made me not mind going to get dental work done before going to Grin. Awesome service.
Susan Richards Namm
Great staff great service best dentist in fishers hands down
Jason Childress
Great staff and very easy to relax
Maikeru Marin U Iruson
Grin Dentistry is the BEST! Dr Mundy and her staff are amazing. My dental profile is complicated but Dr Mundy consistently understands my issues. The staff is very knowledgeable and offers the latest dental technology. When I talk about going to the dentist my friends think I sound too happy, but that is because the staff always makes sure I am comfortable and my dental health is their top priority.
Sandra Runkle Spiece
Dr. Burgett is very nice and thorough with the dental care she provides. The staff is always friendly and helpful, treatment services are top notch and attention is given in great detail to address any concerns with my son’s dental needs. I am very pleased with the services of Grin Denistry and would highly recommend them.
Cathy Bridegroom
Love everyone at Grin! Best experience at the dentist I have ever had! 🥰🥰
Chelsea Gardner
I have been a patient at Grin Dentistry for many years. Dr. Mundy-Burgett is by far the best dentist I have ever been to. She is also more compassionate and her entire staff are just as friendly and compassionate. I would give them a 10+ and would never consider going anywhere else . They are the Best!!!
Karen Bittinger
Everyone is so kind and amazing. Procedures are clearly explained, the why, the cost, and what will happen before.
Nicole Sandberg
Dr. Mundy and crew are the best. Happy to trust them with my dental health!
Kelly Henderson
Grin Dentistry is the absolute best! Dr. Mundy & her staff are second to NONE. I had terrible dental anxiety, not anymore. They are very caring with their patients and do everything to make them comfortable. They definitely treat you the way they would want to be treated. I especially enjoyed my visit yesterday just because of the fun conversations I had with Amanda! Wonderful people, seriously!!!! I HIGHLY recommend that you check them out if you are looking for a dentist. You won't be sorry! Thank you Dr. Mundy & Staff for being the best and caring so much for your patients!
Shawnda Morgan-Marshall
Had a dental issue occur over the weekend and Grin got me today! Thanks goodness!!! Love this place and all of th staff!!! Thanks for working me in!!!
Stephanie Davis
I used to dread dentist appointments! Now, I actually look forward to them!! The entire staff is wonderful! So friendly, accommodating, and knowledgeable:) They go above and beyond in all areas!! Dr. Mundy is amazing! Seriously, if you are searching for a new dentist office, look no further...Grin Dentistry is where it's at!
Lindsay Kuxhausen
Scott Montgomery
Grin Dentistry is simply the BEST !! I have zero anxiety about going to the dentist. The staff is so friendly, personable and efficient. They go out of their way to make you comfortable. Dr. Mundy is excellent. Her exams are thorough, she makes sure she uses the latest equipment and techniques, and she takes the time to explain anything that needs explaining. It is the most relaxed and fun dentist office I have every been to. Never a bad experience. Thanks, Grin Dentistry, for making going to the dentist like a day at the spa !
Kris Lombardi
Excellent service, and a whole bunch of dental goodies. I highly recommend!
Josh Peduto
I’ve been going to Dr. Mundy since her practice opened off Lantern Road, & absolutely adore her & her staff. Such a polite, knowledgeable, & professional team. They’re are top notch from beginning to end! I highly recommend Grin to my family & friends. Give them a try... you will not regret it! SMILE
Julie Maller Malone
Dr. Mundy-Burgett and her staff are wonderful. I have come to Grin Dentistry for the last seven years and have not been disappointed. The care and dental work are excellent and I would highly recommend this office to anyone who is looking for a dentist.
Michele Bovey
They have the friendliest staff that always make you feel welcome and comfortable! They are very thorough with there exams, cleanings, and procedures. I have always had a great experience!
Cheryl Jones
Grin Dentistry is wonderful!!! Everyone is so friendly and Dr. Mundy is fabulous! I never have any fears when I go for an appointment.
Lydia Clapp Stratman
I’ve been in and out of different dentists for years! This has by far been my best experience and I cannot wait to fulfill the rest of my treatment plan with Grin Dentistry! The staff and doctors were amazing, the technology is up to date and makes everything fast and fun to see, and their major concern is my comfort above all else! Definitely 5 � � � ��!!!
Annalisa Teeters
This was my first visit in 10 years, so many tech updates, I was very impressed, they were all very caring.
Michael Mark Montgomery Reynolds
Always such a wonderful experience. I never thought I would say it but I actually look forward to going to the dentist!
Hayley McInrue
Very warm and comfortable atmosphere. I've never had to wait for my appointment. Great staff and Dr Mindy is very personable, a great dentist and sets very high standards for her staff.
Scott Powell
Herb Berkholz
All of the staff are so caring, and really put you at ease from the moment you walk in the door. I would highly recommend Dr. Mundy and all of her staff!
Kelli McCormick Rice
I've been going to Grin Dentistry for years. Will not go anywhere else. They are so patient with me and my anxiety each visit. They take their time to make sure I am doing good each step of the way. Love Grin Dentistry!
Maggie Fox
Fantastic office and amazing staff. Recently left another office to check this one out. Best decision I've made! They go the extra mile to make you comfortable. Dr Mundy was so informative and made sure I understood all of my options. Can't recommend this office enough. Keep up the great work!
Brittany Monroe Michaud
The best customer service! I had a crown come loose at 8 pm and I was in Dr. Mundy's office being treated before 8 the next morning getting the crown placed back on. Absolutely the best.
Rudy Lara
Joseph Todd
I love grin! Dr Mundy and her team are professional and provide great dental care. Extremely friendly and efficient. I have been going there for years, and referred many there as well. Grin dentistry is the best dentist!!!
Katie Krepps
Stacy Meador
Grin has always worked wonders for me. I stick with them because they rock!So, to share a recent story, yesterday at work I was eating a sandwich and I felt my lower right rear tooth explode....ok, it just crunched in an all out collapse.Now, any cold or hot drinks or food flare the nerve up to almost unbearable on the bearable meter!I have an appointment with my long time dentist tomorrow at 8:30 am. God Bless Grin Dentistry. I hope they can fix it on the spot, but I have a feeling it won't be that simple. A quarter of that tooth is gone. I think I may have swallowed it, lol. Well that ordeal will pass...yep, pun intended! May need a tooth extraction which is a piece of cake, but why did it have to be right where I had another one taken out? Could it not be on the lower left or upper left or right?I guess if that happens, I'll be a left chewer from here on in, at least with hard food. Grin and the team will let me know!God Bless.Gas
Gaston Santander
Dr. Mundy and staff are great! They keep me informed and really care about my dental hygiene. They have the newest and best equipment in the industry, things that I have never seen at other dental offices. I feel comfortable coming here and will never go anywhere else!
Rebecca Allison
I feel very good about going to Dr. Mundy and her staff. I had a traumatic visit with an awful dentist as a teenager, plus my family and I have a hard time getting numb. So when my good dentist retired my sister told me about her. She and her staff are very patient and understanding, plus they make it so comfortable with a blanket, tv, and gas if needed (I do need it). She is very willing to work with your needs and even came to my root canal at another office to do some work on me while I was sedated. It was supposed to be their day off.I got my husband to come here and he is very happy with it too.
Tami Crawford
They are all great!! Very friendly! Even my kids love going!
Sarah Nyboer Christian
Other dental offices should benchmark Grin Dentistry, as they set the standard of excellence in every aspect of patent care. Grin Dentistry is not a “preferred provider” with my insurance, but I gladly pay the difference due to the level of care and attention I receive. Kudos to Dr Mundy and her staff! :)
Roanna Hull
This is the best dentist office I have been to! Very friendly, super professional and personal, and always working with new technology to help improve your teeth! I've recommended 4 friends who all go there now and love it as well!
Kurt Fetzer
Dr. Mundy and the staff at Grin Dentistry care about each patient and make the experience as comfortable as possible while providing top notch care!
Kathi Scherschel Keen
Robert Smith
My family relocated to Fishers in August of 2015 after living in Lexington, KY for 15 years. As you can imagine, there were many adjustments to be made; however, the one that was of special concern to us was finding new medical and dental care.Dr. Mundy and Grin Dentistry was recommended to our family and it has been the most seamless transition of our move. From our first visit to Grin Dentistry, We have felt at ease and very well cared for. We had thought our first year of visits would consist of two six-month checkups. Instead, as you know, we had several dental emergencies. In each case, the staff could not have been more accommodating. We were seen immediately, and the quality of the care and treatment we received was outstanding. The staff combines professionalism with genuine concern for the patient, especially the care they show our daughter. The whole team goes out of their way to ensure she has a positive experience each and every time. Thank you for the excellent dental work and kindness you've extended to our family over the past few years. We have a healthier mouth and smile because of your amazing team.
Kyle Houston Brown
I had a great first visit. Very kind and supportive staff and treatment team. No lectures, just encouragement. I don’t dread going back, which says a lot because I hate going to the dentist.
Christa M Clairday
Awesome job! The Grin Dentistry team continues to deliver a positive experience.
Ronald Wright
I don’t think I’ve ever waited longer than 5 minutes to be seen. That’s important for this busy Mom. Dr. Mundy is kind and explains things so I understand. I’ve never left feeling guilty about my teeth care or lack there of.
Missy Batres Lowstetter
My whole family sees Dr. Mundy and company. She and every hygienist are awesome. I got in quickly for cracked tooth, and Amanda, a self-proclaimed perfectionist, filled the crack and color matched perfectly, in an hour. I am always made to feel at ease, and I trust I am in good hands. The staff is amazing and prices are totally reasonable. I highly recommend Grin to anyone looking for a new dentist. The swag rocks, as well.
Sarah Renfro
Grin is the best!! I never worry that they leave anything out - no shortcuts, no pain, no worries! The staff is amazing, especially Angie!!!
Susan Ozment Reed
Love my dentist, hygentist & staff! They are kind, gentle & listen !!!
Cheryl Loy
I LOVE Grin Dentistry. Dr. Mundy and her staff are truly a blessing. I feel very fortunate to have such great care. Here’s to another year with Grin. 🎉🎉🎉🎉
Kimberly Lee Johnson
John Terry
Grin Dentistry is amazing! They make dental work a breeze --- even enjoyable! Love my hygienist and the doc is super sweet! Always willing to accommodate, they put you at ease and make sure you're never in pain. So thankful for this place!
Jackie Vick Fussner
Finally! A dentist that gets it!!! The entire staff here gets it! My whole life I have feared the dentist and who doesn’t? Dental work is scary and expensive. It was so refreshing to have everyone here make me feel as comfortable as possible through the experience. They are very patient, informative, and kind. Thank you very much for taking care of me and my teeth!
Robin Mccreary-Quagliesi
I can’t say enough positive things about Dr. Mundy and the entire staff at Grin Dentistry! They went above and beyond when I went in to my last appointment. They did some extra work for me during that visit so I wouldn’t have to reschedule. I am especially thankful since I have a six week old and getting out of the house isn’t the easiest! Thank you!!!
Kristen Smith
Love Dr Mundy and all the staff. They help take the anxiety of a dental appointment away. Always very thorough and informative!!😁
Robin Bonebrake-morganswingle
Julie Hicks
Demorah Chang
I have been going there for years. Very professional and friendly.
Monica Welker-Wells
Exceptional staff..exceptional care..exceptional experience! Highly recommend!
Scott Reed
I have NEVER like going to the dentist until I found Grin Dentistry. Love It!!!!!
Shawn Stooksberry
Grin Dentistry is awesome. Excellent service and Dr. Mandy is an exceptional dentist. Thanks for always making me feel at ease. Angie is a great hygienist!
Janeen Woelfer
Another great appointment at Grin Dentistry. I had 2 cavities in my front teeth, which are the worst! But Dr. Mundy made sure I didn't feel a thing...I actually think I slept through most of the appointment because it felt like I was only there for 5 minutes.
Stephanie Whealy Kibler
We've been patients of Grin for a few years now. I was impressed from day one! From the way we were welcomed upon arrival to the way we were made comfortable in the private treatment rooms. Complete with flat screen televisions, warm comfy blankets. State of the art technology, cameras to show you what they see. They are up front with you about your treatment plan. No surprises! Complimentary nitrous oxide! Bonus! Can't say enough about Grin Dentistry! Love It!!! �
Heather Cheever- McClain
The entire staff are amazing. They always go out of their way to make my visit as pleasant as possible. I love my dentist office!!
Michelle Kanazeh Thompson
Two years ago we moved out of state after 10 years in Fishers (with Grin). My biggest worry about leaving was not having Dr. Mundy for a dentist any more. It was enough to make me think about driving 5 hours one way just to keep coming to Grin.Happily, circumstances brought us back to Indy and to fabulous dental care! So glad to have my teeth back in great hands again. Thanks Dr. Mundy and the wonderful Grin team!
Kelly Wittman
Grin Dentistry is a great place to go for dental work. The staff is very friendly and does every thing possible to make your visit as comfortable as possible. I also feel that they are very detailed in their work and am confident my teeth are being very well cared for. I would highly recommend Grin Dentistry!
Christine Antrobus
Great people great atmosphere. They care about my teeth more than I do. They always catch little problems and fix them for me before they become major issues. Thank you Grin.
Bing Wu
Dr. Mundy and her staff are amazing!! They want your visit to be as comfortable as possible.
Jim Henderson
Grin is the absolute best!! Going to the dentist used to be a dreaded, stressful experience. Not anymore! Everyone that works here is excellent and super friendly. No one puts me at ease for a cleaning like Angie. I almost look forward to it just to see her smiling face. Emma, Jenn, and the rest of the staff are fantastic and care enough to remember what you talked about last time. Almost never a wait, nice amenities, and Dr. Mundy is great at what she does. If you're not a patient at Grin, you should remedy that.
Kari Rennekamp
I've been a patient at Grin for many years. Dr. Mundy and her staff are top notch: professional, timely, quality work and a lovely office space. What more could you want? Keep up the great work!
Daniel E Neely
Couldn’t be happier with Grin. They are a compassionate group who go over the top with customer service. I completely trust Dr Mundy. She is so knowledgeable, trustworthy, and kind. She truly cares about her clients. We have been going to Grin Dentistry for well over 10 years. Try them- you won’t be disappointed!!
Erin Healy Lockrem
Going to GRIN Dentistry is one of the best choices I have made in my retirement. I used to have a great deal of anxiety but after working with them for a few years I can say I no longer dread it! I bless them all! Dr. Mundy and her outstanding staff just make you feel special. I am still a total weenie but that's ok! I love the soft blankets and warm wash cloths. I appreciate how every visit they go over the work they will be doing and all the charges. I also like they explain where we are in the project and what's coming next. I highly recommend these professionals and trust they help me be in better health.
Cindy Hawkins
I have always hated going to the dentist then I heard wonderful comments about Grin Dentistry. They are professional, friendly, and make you feeling like you are they only patient. Truly feel blessed to have taken a coworkers advice to call and make an appointment.
Jennifer Dancy
Natalie Garwood
Mike Allen
Clearly one of the best dentists in the area and certainly the best I have ever seen. The staff here is very considerate and concerned for your well being. The facility is very well equip and comfortable. However it is Dr Mindy's passion that shines the brightest. She is extremely careful and does not take unnecessary risks or suggest procedures that are not medically justified. They absolutely have YOUR best interest at heart and always make you feel like YOUR situation is the most important of the day. LOVE this place and cannot recommend it enough!
J Timothy Stewart
Grin Denistry is very family oriented..!!! All patience are treated with upmost professionalism and care..!! It's like going to a spa while getting your teeth worked on..! Everyone leaves with a gift, the kids love it..!
Brad McClain
Always enjoy going to the dentist when I get to go to Grin Dentistry! They are always pleasant, even at 7:30 am! Thanks for taking great care of my teeth.
Kelli Baker
I've been a patient of Dr. Mundy for at least 12 years now. And let's face it -- most people don't look forward to going to the dentist. But trust me, you will at Grin. Everyone is fantastic -- front office greets me as soon as I walk in and they have the best photography books to look at in the waiting area. Trouble is that you don't get time to look at them because there is never a wait. And don't even get me started on the blankets, big TVs and warm wash cloths at the end of the appointment! I am consistently delighted with the thoroughness of the team, how they explain the work being done and appreciate that they make great use of technology for appointment reminders and patient communication. I have sent several friends and coworkers here over the years. Oh, and seriously the best pens. I've swiped a few over the years. 😬(DISCLAIMER - this is not a paid endorsement. I just like them that much!)
Amanda Rhoads
Grin Dentistry is absolutely fantastic! Dr. Mundy and her staff treat me with such care and compassion. They know I have a HIGH level of anxiety (stemming all they way back to a bad childhood experience) when it comes to any dental work and they ALWAYS take the time to ensure that I am comfortable during the treatment and understand exactly what they are doing and what is coming next. I recently had a crown fall off over a weekend and Dr. Mundy got right back to me on a Sunday, gave me instructions on what to do, and got me in first thing on a Monday to have it repaired. I just can't say enough good things about Grin Dentistry and the care they have given me!
Jill Schermerhorn
Great people with professional customer service! I recommend visiting, Everyone from the top down treats you as family and will take care of you as such.
Steven L Montgomery
Always taking care of you when you are there! Dr. Mundy is the best at giving anesthetic and making sure you are very comfortable! Highly recommend!
Jeff Montgomery
My son loved his cleaning today! Watching tv, Gatorade and ice cream!! What an experience�
Elizabeth Bowen
I received very good service from the staff at Grin! Please visit Grin for all of your dental needs.
Bobby Bowen
Let's be honest, most people do not care to go to the dentist. When you go to Grin dentistry, it feels more like a spa. Fantastic staff, knowledgeable technicians, and Dr. Mundy is wonderful. They are caring, mindful, and accommodating. If you are in the market for a dentist I would absolutely recommend Grin dentistry. We live in Meridian Kessler and still make the choice to drive to Fishers. It is worth every minute!
Kelly Maher Todd
Awesome staff and very thorough. As pleasurable as going to the dentist can get!
Teresa Powell
If you're not 100% satisfied with your dentist you owe it to yourself to give Grin a try.
Miles Furnish
Hands down the best dentist I've gone to. Highly recommended!
Rita Halcomb Blay
After way too many years avoiding the dentist, I am so glad Dr. Mundy and her incredible team were recommended to me! Every person you encounter has shown kindness and caring...and they always go the extra mile. Those are rare qualities to find these days! They are also extremely accommodating and do their absolute best to keep you comfortable and happy!
Laura Smith
Dr. Mundy and her team always take great care of me! I have been a patient here for about ten years, and I may never leave. �
Lisa Then
After being with my last dentist for 20 years, I move me and my family to Grin Dentistry. My last dentist was fine but nothing special. I wanted a dentist close to my house with excellent customer service, kindness to my family, and of course, excellent care. So far all three are fulfilled.
Karen Hagen Kincaid
Dr Mundy is excellent and exceptional talented. Office staff are always friendly and courteous. I highly recommend Grin dentistry!
Jack Hu
Tiffany Childress
My whole family all go to Dr. Mundy. She & her whole staff are very friendly and take great care of us during our appointments. My 12 year old likes Grin better than her previous pediatric office. There is no dread from any of us to go to our appointments with Dr. Mundy.
Kelly Payne Jung
Dr. Mundy and the team at Grin Dentistry have been my primary dental providers for almost three years. From the moment you walk in the front door you'll know your dental experience is about to change. Dr. Mundy always goes the extra mile to make sure I feel comfortable and relaxed. She's informative and always happy to explain why she's recommending certain treatment. Her team of hygentists are friendly and skilled. If you're looking for a new dentist in the Indianapolis area, I highly recommend Grin!
Joanna Grabarek
My 4 kids and I look forward to appointments here. Seriously. The staff is awesome, and Dr. Mundy-Burgett and team provide excellent care, always using the latest technology. And they give us ice cream when we are finished!!! We love #grindentistry !!!!
Melissa Goddard Day
The staff at Grin are very professional and Dr. Mundy has an excellent bedside manner. They are very respectful of my time and keep to schedule. Grin also uses the latest technology in dental care which sets my mind at ease. I would highly recommend Grin!
Brett Lotz
Excellent dental practice! Dr. Mundy did a wonderful job repairing my child's front teeth after an accident. He has his beautiful smile back!
Denise Frazier
Dr Mundy has helped me make huge progress with the tremendous anxiety I've brought to the dentist's chair since childhood. I can trust her completely to be sensitive, compassionate, and gentle. Most of all, I know that she will always stop if and whenever I need her to. She truly listens and cares. She operates the whole office with excellence and hires only degreed, qualified people. She has thought of everything possible to make me comfortable and ease my long-held anxiety...down to somehow eliminating that nasty dentist office smell that always triggered my senses and used to make my heart race as soon as I walked through the door of every other precious dentist's office. I'm indebted to her for her wonderful, compassionate care and standard of excellence. Hope she knows that she is not allowed to retire for as long as I am a patient...in other words, retirement isn't an option! � Thank you, Dr Mundy!!
Lisa Eldridge Abbott
I love Grin Dentistry! From the warm blankets while you are getting services to the care by every staff member. I feel that they are very proactive with their treatments and trust their advice.
Tonia Hensley Lotz
I use to dread going to the dentist, then I started to see Dr. Mundy and have never been happier. I am always greeted with a smile, all the dental hygienists are very knowledgeable and everyone takes the time to explain every question that you have. Everyone there is very down to earth and realistic. I recommend Grin Dentistry to everyone I know that is looking for a dentist.
Erin Coughlin
I would recommend this office to anyone. The staff is great! I’ve been coming here for years even when I was recently living in the Denver area for a couple of years I managed to fit my appointments into my trips home because I really didn’t want anyone else in my mouth.
Tina Dugan Effinger
I cannot say enough great things about Dr. Mundy and her staff. My husband and I have been going to Grin Dentistry for several years, and we have always been treated with care and kindness. Dr. Mundy goes above and beyond to make sure you are comfortable and happy, and her dental work is top-notch!!
Kendra Daugherty Lambuth
Grin Dentistry is awesome. The staff is friendly and they respect my time. I never feel rushed and they take the time to explain and show me what is going on with my teeth. Dr. Mundy is amazing and she puts the needs of her patients first. I highly recommend checking them out if you need a new dentist. You won't be disappointed. They also have updated procedures for COVID and have taken extra measures to ensure patients feel safe.
Tara Miller Jarvis
Grin Dentistry is as close to heading to a spa for dental work as it comes. The staff greets you by name every time, I wait less than 5 min in the waiting room and am always greeted with a nice warm blanket. Pricing options and treatment plans are always discussed up front. I could not ask for a nicer more comfortable dental experience. They have the best staff in healthcare and Dr. Mundy is exceptional in knowledge and bedside manner. She's never too busy and always makes you feel like you are the only patient in her office. Looking for a dental home? You found it at Grin Dentistry!
George Wright
Friendly staff and personal service make going to Grin Dentistry an awesome experience every time. I highly recommend Dr. Mundy and the practice if you are looking for a dental practice.
Jennifer McGuire
I love coming here! Everyone is so nice. It is obvious Dr. Mundy really cares about you and your smile. I really appreciate how much she & the rest of her team have done for my teeth in the past year. Definitely worth the drive!
Elizabeth Peek
Mike McNeal
Abby Couch Mucha
I was very happy with every person I came into contact with at Grin Dentistry. It was my first visit here and it could not have been more pleasant! I would highly recommend anyone with a fear of dentists or dentistry to give this place a try!
Karen Kuykendall
The experience at Grin is top-notch! I love the staff. Highly recommend!
Jolene Petrusky Johnston
I love this place! They take so much care to make sure you aren't in pain. Everyone is very nice and welcoming. I never want to go anywhere else for my dental needs!
Alysha Namm
Well trained staff and great customer service. Grin dentistry patients get spoiled by the treatment received. Everyone is treated like a VIP. ❤️
Patty Handal Reed
My daughter Amber love this dentist and all the workers!!
Cindy Wiglesworth
It's always an amazing experience. Everyone is super nice and helpful. They truly care about their patients.
Beth Cruse
Grin Dentistry is definitely a place I would refer my friends and family to!
Jennifer Shelton
Dr. Mundy and everyone is so awesome! For someone who is afraid of the dentist, they are so patient and work with you so that you are comfortable and pain-free. Never have I had such a wonderful experience at the dentist.
Susan Richards Namm
This is one of those rare businesses that put your needs first! The entire staff is amazing and Dr. Mundy is second to none!!! So thankful to be a patient for many years and will never look elsewhere. Thanks Grin Dentistry!
Tonya Rouse Sanderson
Love, love, love. I moved around several times over the years and have had many dentists. Didn't like any of them. Had three since I moved to Indianapolis. Since day 1 at Grin Dentistry I have been a fan. I tell everyone how awesome the team is.
Marnie M. Mazzoni-Todd
This place is awesome
Jason Childress
Russell Badgett
Thank you for taking such good care of my girls and I today. Your staff is extremely caring and professional! You made sure we were comfortable with special attention, making sure we understood everything and your extras, like the warm blankets! Plus, you have one of the prettiest bathrooms I have ever been in. Thank you so much!!!
Brandy Riser Sego
Rob Hough
Belinda Alwine-Torres
Eric Flickner
Andrew Stevens
Best dental practice I have ever been to. Always professional but friendly too. I highly recommend this practice.
Tiffaney Nellis Foster
Rod Foster
Pain free dentistry and a wonderful staff.
Mark Simison
This office deserves more than five stars! The rooms are comfortable and clean, they also have TVs so I can catch up on some sports news, if you are cold they will offer you a blanket. They allow you to take breaks as needed when getting major work done which is nice! The Doctor is very smart and they use stat of the art equipment and procedures!! They even offer ice cream at times, which is great when your mouth is sore from having work done!
Adam Bradley Hull
Everyone made me feel so blessed on just my first visit! Rachel was amazeballs! Such an awesome person to have clean your teeth, and doc was amazing as well! Thanks for becoming new friends of mine! God Bless you all
Kelly Hawkins
Andreea Marinescu
Angel Wilson
Kaeden Stewart
Amy Armstrong
Kristoffer McMonagle
Earnie Needham
Claudia Garcia Meneses
Critter Gardner
Jenny Lee Montgomery
Dre Admant
Jackie Bilskie

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